The Trout Spot Fishing Report for week of 5/14/2018

The Trout Spot Fishing Report for week of 5/14/2018

May 14, 2018 0 Comments

Fishing on the North Fork of the Stanislaus, was a bit slower this past week do to the cooler weather.  Flows are excellent for this time of year, but we need some warmer weather to get the bugs and the fish moving.  

If you like catching natives, Beaver Creek has been producing some fish.

The road to Spicer Reservoir is now open and it has been producing some good fish.  Stripping streamers or Prince nymphs will do the trick.

White Pines lake is still fishing, but don't wait to long as the bait guys are pulling them out as quick as they can.

It's still a bit early for the upper lakes, but it won't be long before those are fishable.  The gate to Highlands Lake is open, but there are still a lot of snow berms to get around.

There are no fish plants scheduled for this week.    If you like fishing in Calaveras county, get a hold of fish and game and let them know we need more fish plants.  The loss of Moccasin Creek hatchery fish has put a crimp on the plants, so make some noise...

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