Fishing report for week of 6/11/2018

Fishing report for week of 6/11/2018

June 11, 2018 0 Comments

Fishing on the North Fork of the Stanislaus is starting to pick up, the warmer weather is starting to get the bugs moving finally and the fishing will improve this week. Lots of midges, Blue Wing Olives and Callibaetis are starting to show. Late evenings are the best time to fish and some nicer fish are being caught right at dark.

White Pines Lake fished well over the weekend. Woolly Buggers and prince nymphs should do the trick.

Spicer reservoir, is still producing some good numbers on the fly. Fish are down deep, but a sinking line with Prince nymph or Zug Bugs have been doing the trick.

Lake Alpine and Union Reservoir are schedule to be planted this week, so fishing should be good on both of those this weekend.

We are scrambling to try and get some fish plants up here do to the Moccasin creek hatchery wipe out. Please feel free to contact our DFW representative, Ben Ewing at 1-530-906-3934 and put a bug in his ear about getting some plants in our area.

Flows on the Carson, remain high, but are dropping rapidly. Fishing should start improving soon....

Plesant Valley private fly fishing is now open, if you would like to have an oppourtunity to catch large trout on a small stream, this is a wonderful place to do it. Contact us if you would like to take a guided trip.

Make sure to stop by The Trout Spot located at 1311 Highway 4 in Arnold for the latest updates.