Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Repair Kits

Classic Accessories


The Classic Accessories Pontoon Boat Repair Kits contains a complete pack of essential backup parts for extended outdoor trips and emergencies.

  • Fits easily in a pontoon pocket for immediate access and use
  • Clevis pins to secure the pontoon frame
  • Tools and valve parts to replace inflation valve anywhere
  • Inflation adapter allows for a variety of pumps to be used
  • Bladder repair kit to maintain high performance of pontoons
  • Oar-locks
  • 4 clevis pins to secure frame
  • 1 pontoon inflation valve
  • 1 valve inflation adapter
  • 1 inflation valve wrench
  • 1 oar-lock with cotter pin
  • 1 pontoon bladder patch kit
  • Extra wing nuts to secure seat (large kit only)

Small Kit for Arrow, Cimarron, Fremont, Madison and Roanoke Grey

Medium Kit for use on Bozeman, Delaware and Kenai-Blue

Large Kit for use on Colorado, Colorado XT, Oswego, Rogue, Skit and Tioga

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