Chota CC22LR “Long Rifle” Carbide Cleats

Chota Outdoor Gear


Chota’s new CC22 “Long Rifles” set the “Gold Standard” for Carbide wading cleats. Self-tapping threads are specially designed to hold fast in rubber.

These heavy duty extremely hard carbide cleats bite deep through slippery silt and algae to the rock. The sharp carbide tips provide traction in conditions where other cleats don’t cut it.

A ¼” nut driver or electric screw driver with ¼” socket makes easy work attaching to soles of Chota Boots featuring built in cleat receptacles. Removable and Replaceable as conditions demand.

  • Made in USA
  • Carbide Tipped
  • Includes 20 Cleats
  • Compatible with any Chota boot with cleat receptacles
  • Required Tools: ¼” Nut Driver


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California Prop65 Warning


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