Dancing Mayfly - The Fly fishing Trivia Game

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Dancing Mayfly Fly Fishing Trivia Board Game GAME OVERVIEW - The game begins when one of the 53 fly fishing destination cards is selected and placed in the middle of the game board - each presents a unique trip with details and cost. Anglers then move around the board with the goal of earning 3 Identification (ID) cards and enough cash to purchase the trip and win the game. Cash is earned by answering trivia questions - the harder the question, the more it's worth. ID cards are earned by identifying images of aquatic insects, fly patterns, and fish species. During the journey around the board, anglers may land on luck squares, experiencing unexpected windfalls and pitfalls. Both luck and skill is required to win the game.

The first angler to enter the fly shop with 3 ID cards and enough cash to purchase the trip wins!

• Learn to identify aquatic insects, fish species, and fly patterns
• Advance your fly fishing knowledge including: techniques, equipment, fish science, aquatic insects, fly tying, & more
• Learn about fly fishing trips & lodges throughout the world
• Test your knowledge & skills against your fishing buddies
• Educational fun for beginners to experts!
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