Fly Fishing Stillwater Secrets DVD

Jack Dennis Fly Fishing Library


Explore lake and stillwater fly fishing through the eyes of two of the world's most recognized lake fly fishing experts, Brian Chan and Phil Rowley with Fly Fishing Stillwater Secrets DVD. Jack Dennis provides the enthusiasm as host and discovers the magic of Alberta Canadian trophy stillwater fishing as he learns the techniques from the masters.

With the magic of this DVD you'll discover the secrets to patterns and techniques and unlock the secrets of stillwater of lake fly fishing. Phil and Brian teach the importance of presentation and fishing at the right depths. They will help stock your fly box with the essentials for success and teach you how to use the flies. The world of stillwater fishing comes alive in this DVD with exciting casting and underwater shots of flies and retrieves.Learn how to fish a stillwater trouts favorite and mosts prolific in sent, the infamous Chironomid or lake midge. Dr. Brian Chan is considered the world's most expert on this important food source and the techniques used to imitate their various stages.


Category: Float Tubing and Stillwater Fishing

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