Monic Henley WF Clear Floating Fly Line

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Monic Fly Fishing


Monic Henley WF Clear Floating Fly Line series utilizes Monic's exclusive MoniCORE. This is a brand new proprietary monofilament they have been developing for over a year. This non-nylon based mono has superb clarity and is naturally more relaxed than any monofilament core we have ever worked with to date. This creates an exceptionally clear and stealthy line that holds far less coil than fly lines based on traditional nylon monofilament. Monic's MoniCORE has moderate to low stretch, allowing the angler to easily relax or straighten the fly line while also providing shock absorbing properties and consistent tension for landing those extra large species. MonicCORE's versatility allows you to take the stealthy covert nature of the Henley Clear from the flats in the tropics to the chilly mountain creeks and rivers

  • Weight Forward Floating 5-12 Wt
  • Freshwater 
  • Taper: Traditional
  • Core: MoniCORE Proprietary Monofilament
  • Ideal Temp Range: 45°F & Above
  • Weight: Half-Size Above AFFTA Standard (see weight chart below)
  • Loops: Reinforced Welded Loops on Both Ends

Monic Henley Clear Line Profile


Monic's Henley Clear series coating provides the angler with the ultimate stealth presentation fly line. Most fish species, due to how their bodies are constructed as well as their feeding patterns, generally focus their eyes forward and up toward the surface of the water. This is why many fish can spook or become hesitant to feed if they can see thick bright fly lines casting overhead or lying across the top of the water. With the Henley Clear this is not an issue! This naturally buoyant coating has been expertly formulated for outstanding clarity while minimizing shine from sunlight to create a fly line that is nearly invisible on the waters surface. Its extremely smooth, texture-free surface produces very little friction between the line and rod guides allowing you to shoot line with ease whether its cold or warm. The toughness of the Henley Clear coating produces a more durable, longer lasting fly line compared to most conventional PVC constructed fly lines. Its high abrasion resistance helps these lines hold up in some of the most brutal fishing conditions where rough coral, sharp rocks, and heavy surf can break down other lines in just a few outings. This allows the Henley Clears to be taken from freshwater to the grueling salt without having to worry about cracks, dry rot, and delamination.

Line Weights

All Henley Clears are weighted a half size above the AFFTA standards. You can see the weight ranges in the chart pictured here (weights are measured from the first 30 ft of the head). All of our lines manufactured here at Monic are constructed at or just above the AFFTA standards. Many fly lines in today's market are vastly over-weighted, sometimes up to 3 sizes. 

Size Weight range in Grains Weight range in Grams
5 wt 145-155
6 wt 165-180
7 wt 195-210
8 wt 225-240
9 wt 265-280
10 wt 315-330 20.4-21.4
11 wt 365-380 23.6-24.6
12 wt 435-450 28.2-29.2


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