Monic The Dot AuqaGlo Dressing

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Monic Fly Fishing


Luminescence exists in many insects and bait-fish that live in both fresh and saltwater environments. Their bio-luminescence is a subtle glow that is a natural fish attractant. Recommended use: apply a small amount (just a dot). This can be applied to the bend of the hook or to the body of your favorite fly or lure. In addition to being very effective in low light and night situations, this can make a huge difference in deep water as well. Monic The Dot AuqaGlo Dressing is inexpensive, odorless, non-toxic and has passed the test of time. Just a brief charge under a head lamp or flashlight will provide hours of luminescence.

  • Glows-in-the-dark
  • A single dot attracts fish
  • Best in low light conditions
  • Activate with natural or artificial light
  • Easy to apply

Activated by sunlight or artificial light, The Dot instantly gives a brilliant yellow-green glow to any dry fly, nymph, or streamer. A 25-minute exposure will produce hours of glow in darkness or low-light conditions. Just a 4-minute exposure with a flashlight allows up to an hour of glow. When applied, a dry surface is required.

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