Rig Winder Spools and Box

Zen Tenkara


Rig Winder Spools keep you organized and ready to fish. Holds lines or pre-tied setups so you spend less time tying and more time fishing. Prep your rigs at home where there is good lighting, no wind and maybe even a pair of magnifier glasses. Especially convenient for those tiny sized flies like #18, #20 or #22 that can be impossible to thread on the river.  Make ready-to-go setups in the convenience of your home then simply wind them up onto the foam spools and store them in their box. Remove the frustration and have more fun on the water. Lightweight and durable the Rig Winder Spool Box is hinged with magnetic closures. Available in 2 sizes:

Small/8 Spool is 8.875″ x 2.3125″ x 1.3125″.

Large/16 Spool is 8.875″ x 4.25″ x 1.3125″.


  • Remove the frustration of tying flies on the water
  • Holds pre-tied rigs and lines for faster setup
  • Spend less time tying and more time fishing
  • Eva foam spools held securely in place
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Magnetic closures
  • Anti-skid exterior surface
  • Fits easily into fishing pack, sling or gear bag
  • Available in 2 sizes: 8 spool or 16 spool

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