• Stone Creek Ltd. M60 Series Machined Fly Reel

    Stone Creek Ltd

  • Stone Creek Ltd's M60 Series Machined Fly Reel is precision machine cut from 100% areospace bar stock. These Large Arbor Fly Reels include a large diameter cork/FBX co polymer drag with low start up inertia and ultra smooth feel. Polished stainless steel drag bearings for rugged durability and performance.  A one-way stainless steel spindle bearing with internal cap and o-ring seal. Easy Left to Right hand conversion. These are a great reel at an unbetable price. Extra Spools available for purchase.
    Product Code Line Weight Reel Weight Spool Diam. Arbort Size
    M60R-3/4 3-4 Wt 5.3 oz 3.0" 1.73"
    M60R-5/6 5-6 Wt 6.3 oz 3.5" 2.0"
    M60R-7/8 7-8 Wt 7.0 oz 3.75" 2.36"
    M60R-9/10 9-10 Wt 7.0 oz 3.75" 2.0"
  • $ 139.99

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