The Rise by Paul Schullery

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The Rise by Paul Schullery distills 5 centuries' worth of angling lore & wisdom about trout feeding behavior. Examination of flies includes the importance of wings & what they are made of, hooks, soft-hackled flies, & skipping, dapping, & dry-fly techniques.


  • Illustrated by Marsha Karle
  • 330 color photos
  • 8 color & 31 B&W illustrations
  • 6x9 inches
  • 208 pgs
  • Hard cover


Even after centuries of observation, anglers are still trying to solve the mysteries of that magical instant when a trout takes a fly. The Rise, based on recent scientific research into trout feeding behavior and the author's extraordinary photographic studies, provides many new clues.  With unprecedented photographic clarity, Schullery reveals the subtleties of the trout's feeding behavior, analyzes the riseforms that puzzle us, and offers startling and reassuring insights into the lessons of rejection. Schullery challenges modern "common knowledge"; reconsiders neglected flies, ideas, and tactics; and faces some of fly fishing's toughest questions with wit, patience, and the happy conviction that the questions are more important than the answers anyway.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Paul Schullery, an honored naturalist who Trout magazine hails as "our preeminent angling historian," lives in Bozeman, Montana, and also wrote the history American Fly Fishing 

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