Wonder Cloth Magic Patch Dry Fly and Patch Floatant Holder

Stony Creek


This was developed specifically to hold Fly Floatant. Those two in conjunction with some shake float is all you need for your dry fly fishing. Simply apply your preferred floatant to your flies making sure to rub it between your fingers before applying to the fly. Then as you are fishing and it gets wet or slimed when you catch a fish, simply take the Dry Fly Patch and firmly press the fly between the two pieces. About every 3-5 times you dry the fly this way, use your favority shake. We have found that if you dry the fly first with the Dry Fly Patch and then rub the dessicant into the fly after you remove it, the fly will float like a boat. This product will hold all floatants on the market in addition to most line conditioners, some mosquito repellants, and even sunscreens will fit in it. All that and a Dry Fly Patch included, that is a great bargain.

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