Accessories and Gadgets

At The Trout Spot, our goal is to help make fishing easier and more enjoyable. Our collection of fly fishing gadgets and accessories provide you all the tools you need to get more out of your experience. From tweezers and thermometers to threading tools and stomach pumps, we have a diverse range of products available for you.

Our 3-in-1 clippers is slim, lightweight and a multi-purpose tool that combines threaders, hook eye cleaner and sharp nippers for great convenience when you want to travel light. Our collection also includes other multi-purpose tools like 3-in-1 tweezers and 3-in-1 thermometer.

Love fishing at dawn or dusk? Try our light weight and easy to use Cap-Light. The curved design will attach to any cap brim easily and will provide you great visibility when you are out fishing, hunting or camping. Explore our collection of fly fishing accessories to find other great products!