Fly Boxes

At The Trout Spot, we cater to any fly fishing fan in having the right gear and stowage of flies with our collection of fly boxes. From small to humongous, for any context of weather or fishing inclination, we are ensured you will find the appropriate fly box you desire. After all we love the sport as well! Take a few moments to browse our inventory to find the perfect box according to your individualized needs. In addition, since the trout season is beginning to bloom in many areas, consider a fly box as a thoughtful and personalized gift for fly fishing family or friends. Our collection includes: BW Sports, Stream Works, Pit River, Stone Creek, Okuma, Wind River and of course our custom Trout Spot specializations all of which cater to any need of form, function, or aesthetic. Having the right gear at the time can mean everything in fly fishing success. In addition, proper storage will maintain the integrity, functionability and effectiveness of the fly. Have fun and fish, if not for a week or a couple days, at least, on the fly.