Antron Dubbing

Spirit River Inc


An old favorite that refuses to go out of style. Easy to apply, with a fish attracting sheen. Equally effective for emergers, nymphs, and dries. Available in Black - Cahill Cream - Callibaetis - Charcoal - Damsel Olive - Dark Olive-Dark Stone - Flourescent Orange - Ginger - Golden Stone - Grey Olive - Hares Ear -Hexagenia - Light Grey - Light Olive - Light Orange Scud - Mahogany - March Brown - Medium Olive - Orange Gold - Pink - Rust - Squirrel Belly - Stimulator Orange - Dark Orange Scud


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California Prop65 Warning


Collections: Dubbing, Fly Tying, Home Decorations, Materials

Category: Dubbing

Type: Fly Tying

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