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Firebug Midge™ ::

The Firebug™ midge is a range of improved “Zebra Midge style” beadhead fly pattern available in six different natural and attractor color options and in two sizes giving you choice for any fishing situation. Beautifully tied, this simple little fish-catching pattern is the perfect fly for multi-nymph and dropper rigs and should have a home in every in every fly box.

Why is Firebug™ so effective in catching fish?

This style of minimalistic bead-head midge has been a proven fish catcher for several decades. It replicates in size, shape and color the most common and consistent food source found in most rivers and lakes.

The wide range of anodized colors now available produces midge patterns in a much wider variety of colors than previously possible. It gives fly fisherman more options to match the hatch and present something different to the fish.

Key features include:

• Hand-tied using premium materials.
• Chemically-sharpened hooks from Japan.
• Beadhead “zebra style” midge.
• Six unique color options.
• Chromax™ Anodized brass beads provide high quality finish, color range and flash.
• Smooth, vibrant Uni-Floss™ bodies.
• Proven fishing catching power of midges.
• Designed by Marten Bawden and Anthony Giaquinto Jr.

Hook Sizes:        #18, #20

Sold in convenient 3-Fly Package

Color Variations: Pink, Olive, Brown, Black, Blue, Ruby

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California Prop 65 Warning

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