Fish-Skull Baitfish Heads

Flymen Fishing Company


The absolute best material for tying weighted streamer patterns.

Best of Show – Fly Tying Materials: 2010 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show
Designed by Martin Bawden

The Fish-Skull Baitfish Heads is a weighted head with a realistic baitfish profile and unique design features that make it a versatile platform for tying a wide variety of streamer patterns. Quick and easy to tie, this groundbreaking innovation in fly tying offers an exciting alternative to using dumbbells or cones to weight your streamers. A set of matching Fish-Skull Living Eyes is included with the heads in your pack.

  • Quantity per pack: Small (10); Small/Medium, Medium (8); Large (6)

California Prop 65 Warning


Realistic profile
Designed to mimic the head, eyes, and gill plates of a baitfish, and to push more water than traditional streamers.

Front-fitting design
Quick and easy to use. Simply tie in all materials first, then fit the Baitfish Head from the front.

Fish-Skull® Living Eyes™
Included in a corresponding size and color, these ultra-realistic eyes act as an important trigger for predatory game fish.

Weighted keel
Distributes most of the head’s weight to the bottom of the streamer (like a dumbbell) ensuring it will swim in the correct position. This also allows you to tie with the hook facing either down or up.

Top and bottom slots
Allow vertical freedom of movement for the tying materials so you can tie broader profile streamers and get more natural action from the materials.

Available in six colors carefully selected to match almost any color of natural or synthetic fly tying material, and are anodized to provide color, flash and durability.


Fits hook sizes #8, #6, #4.
Weight: 0.48 grams (0.017 ounces).

Fits hook sizes #4, #2, #1.
Weight: 0.79 grams (0.028 ounces).

Fits hook sizes #2, #1, 1/0.
Weight: 1.26 grams (0.044 ounces).

Fits hook sizes 2/0, 3/0, 4/0.
Weight: 2.46 grams (0.087 ounces).

Note: Baitfish Heads have been sized using standard-length streamer hooks as a reference point. However, due to the wide variance in hook sizes and shapes found between the different hook manufacturers, this only provides general guidance to the hook sizes suitable for each size head. We suggest you experiment to find the optimum hook for the particular streamer pattern you wish to tie.

After tying in all your materials, complete the fly by simply fitting the Baitfish Head from the front and finish off by tying a small thread dam between the skull and the hook eye.

1. Tie in all your materials first. When you tie off your materials, be sure leave a small gap of about a hook eye width between your thread head and the eye of the hook. This small gap leaves some room for the head and the final thread wraps.

2. Build up your thread head to a size that allows the head to fit snugly over your thread wraps and materials. This will be different for every fly you tie and is 100% dependent on the amount and type of materials you are using for the particular fly pattern you are tying. For example: a sparsely tied fly will have a smallish thread head after your materials are tied in; therefore, you may have to build up a bigger head by using more thread wraps than usual.

3. Lightly coat the thread wraps with some Super Glue. Simply coat the thread head all around (top, bottom, sides). A slight overlap onto the materials is fine (it all gets covered by the head, so no need to be too neat and tidy!) Give it 20-30 seconds to start drying a bit, and then fit the head.

4. Put the head on the fly from the front. You now have a unique opportunity to position your materials exactly how you want them on the fly before the glue sets. While the Super Glue is drying, you typically you will have about a minute or two to re-arrange your streamer materials exactly as desired. For example: if you want a broader profile fly you could position the materials in an Hi Tie position and once the glue dries it stays in place.

5. Tie a small thread-dam in front of the head, tie off, and cement. This small step locks everything tightly in place and guarantees the head will never come off. Finish the fly by securing the Fish-Skull Living Eyes securely in place using Super Glue or a light-hardening epoxy such as Clear Cure Goo.

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