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Tie realistic, anatomically correct crayfish patterns with ease.

Designed by Martin Bawden

These FISH-SKULL Crawbody crayfish exoskeletons are made of nearly indestructible, ultra-light synthetic suede that cannot be bitten off, will not shrink, and provides lifelike texture and movement when wet. Each suede body is precision laser cut, making each 100% identical and allowing for fine detail.

Quantity per pack: 8 


California Prop 65 Warning

Simple attaching method
Allows you to quickly and easily tie effective crayfish imitations.

Anatomically correct profile
Acts as an important trigger for predatory gamefish.

Lifelike movement and texture
The synthetic suede claws have a realistic action in the water.

Fits hook sizes #8, #6. 
28mm (1.1”)

Fits hook sizes #4, #2.
41mm (1.6”) 

Fits hook sizes #2, #1.
50mm (2.0”)

Step 1 - Typically, the fly is tied in a hook upwards position. The fly is weighted using either a Sculpin Helmet (for the head), or alternatively a small dumbbell at either the front/back of the hook. Another easy option is to wrap the length of the hook or alternatively wrap lead wire around the hook shank.

Step 2 - The size of the Crawbody should be as shown. The tail should extend slightly past the eye of the hook.
Step 3 - Tie in the CrawBody at the tip using 2 or 3 loose thread wraps to hold the body in place.

Step 4 - Twist the Crawbody 180 degrees to position it underneath the hook.

Step 5 -Rotate your vise so that the hook point faces upward.  Stretch the CrawBody down over the hook and make sure the tail is slightly past the eye of the hook.   Once you're happy with the positioning, secure the CrawBody in place with a few more tight thread-wraps.

Step 6 - Apply super glue on the point of the CrawBody head. Fit the Sculpin Helmet and seat firmly in place. Make sure the CrawBody is straight and the tail extends slightly past the hook eye.

Step 7 - Tie in your body materials.

Step 8 - The next step is to tie down the CrawBody on top of the fly and, in the process, segment the body.  You will create 4 tail segments as you wrap your thread towards the eye of the hook.  Start by pulling the CrawBody tight and wrap the 1st segment using 3 or 4 strong thread wraps.

Step 9 - Lift the tail of the CrawBody and make a single wrap forward. Your thread is now in position to start the second segment.

Step 10 - Tie the second segment using 3 or 4 tight thread wraps.

Step 11 - Repeat the process until all 4 segments have been tied.
Lift the tail and tie off your thread.

Step 12 - Add head cement to your thread tie-off point. This is a top view of the segmented body.

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