Fish-Skull Foxy Shrimp White

Flymen Fishing Company


The Fish-Skull Foxy Shrimp is tied using the Fish-Skull Mini Sculpin Helmet and incorporates a stainless steel hook tied up to be effectively fished in grass or sand flats for a variety of saltwater species.

This new pattern has proven to be extremely versatile.

Key Features:

Profile: The foxtail fur body and Mini-Sculpin Helmet create an incredibly life-like shrimp imitation.

Weight and Hook Orientation: The Foxy Shrimp is specifically designed to be fished on sand or grass flats and to do this in an almost snag-free way. The fly does this by combining a Sculpin Helmet (that has a weighted keel) with a #4 streamer hook tied in the hook upwards position.

The Mini Sculpin Helmet gets the fly down quickly and quietly.

The keel means the fly will always swim in the hook upwards position and helps to avoid getting caught in grass.

The flat bottom and up eye hook position helps the fly move over any obstacles it may encounter.

Hook Size:Saltwater #4. Color Variations: White/Pearl.


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California Prop 65 Warning

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