Fish-Skull Frantic Tails

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Flymen Fishing Company


Add frisky, fish-attracting tail action to any style of baitfish streamer or popper pattern.

Fish-Skull Frantic Tails are made of nearly indestructible, ultra-light synthetic suede that cannot be bitten off, will not shrink, and provides lifelike texture and movement when wet. Each suede body is precision laser cut, making each 100% identical and allowing for fine detail.

Quantity per pack: Small, Medium (8); Large (6)

 Quick and easy to tie
Innovative attaching method is designed to give the fly maximum tail movement and help prevent fouling when casting.

Lifelike movement and texture
Instead of tying in the tail on one side of the hook like similar products, the Frantic Tail has a unique flap design that is used to create a hinge effect that positions the tail directly behind the hook shank in a balanced way. This hinge acts like a spring and generates movement from the tail with very little effort by the angler. In addition, the hinge provides a strong, stiff connection point for the tail which virtually eliminates any fouling.

Anatomically correct profile
Acts as an important trigger for predatory gamefish.

Fits hook sizes #8, #6, #4. 

Fits hook sizes #4, #2, #1.

Fits hook sizes #1, 1/0, 2/0.

 Step 1 - Attach the thread and cover the hook shank.

Step 2 - Attaching the tail correctly is the most important part of tying a Frantic Tail fly. Tied correctly, the tail produces a lifelike movement in the water with minimum effort by the angler. This is the starting position. Position the bottom flap of the tail in line with the back of the hook, and keep the front tip of the tail level with the shank of the hook.

Step 3 - Fold the top flap over the hook shank to the other side and tie in at the front.

Step 4 - Tie the flap securely in place. Note that the tail is still in the correct starting position, i.e. the bottom flap is in line with the back of the hook.

Step 5 - Fold the bottom flap up and tie in at the front. Notice that the flap is parallel with the shank of the hook.

Step 6 - Hold the materials tightly together and wrap back steadily towards the tail. Tie all the material in tightly as shown and form a neat cone shape using multiple wraps.

Step 7 - The thread must end in the position shown i.e. halfway between between the tip and the barb of the hook. Make sure the flaps on both sides are straight and in line with the hook shank.

Step 8 - Glue each of the flaps. Put a small amount of super glue on the flaps and stick them down to the sides of the tail. Gently pinch and squeeze them together. Your Frantic Tail is finished! The flaps are now securely glued down on both sides of the tail. The flaps should be even on both sides and parallel with the hook shank.


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