J. Fair's Eagle Fly Fishing Short Shuck

J Fair's Eagle Fly Fishing


J.Fairs Shuck (sometimes referred to as cactus chenille) has always been a favorite with fly tyers for tying large trout streamers, salmon, steelhead, bass and pike flies. It is a multi-use material with lots of flash and color that can be wound tight to the hook shank or built up for body. Shuck is available in two weights: Short (1/8) and Long (3/16) Available in these colors - Glimmer Brown Olive-Burnt Orange-Dark Olive-Glimmer Med Olive- Glimmer Green Olive-Brown-Leech Brown-Rust-Glimmer Hot Orange-Black-Cinnamon-Glimmer Purple-Glimmer Chartreuse-Glimmer Pink-Glimmer Red-Glimmer Orange-Glimmer Yellow-Gold-Glimmer Pearl White-Peacock

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