Shimmer Picture Holographic Marabou

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Larva Lace


Shimmer Picture Holographic Marabou is a very blend of very fine nylon fibers with holographic fibers, it swims and breathes like marabou in the water only better and SHIMMER won't disapear after the first bite like marabou. This is a tough vibrant, translucent material in hank form that you will use in many of the same applications as marabou. Shimmer is tough and can be used in patterns that you would never have considered using marabou in before, because marabou is so fragile. SHIMMER was field tested for 2 years by fly tying and fly fishing pros. It has been used in tails and wings, for fresh and saltwater flies. Shimmer has held up and proven itself on trout, salmon, bass, panfish & lakers. Shimmer can be used in any pattern that calls for marabou or ones that you would like to add marabou to. Flies like wooly buggers, crystal buggers, clousers, leeches, sand eels, streamers & minnow patterns. Shimmer is available in

17 vibrant, translucent colors for most tying needs.

BLack, Brown, Kelly Green, Silver Gray, Sky Blue, Olive, Orange, Purple, Red, Rust, Tan, Bright Yellow, Polar White, Fl. Pink, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Orange, & Fl. Yellow

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