Squirmy Wormies

Spirit River Inc


Spirit River Squirmy Wormies   Made of the same strong rubber like materials as the Wonder Wigglies (TM). These are three fish catching colors in a worm size. Each worm is about 3” long and almost 1/8” in diameter.…The rubber is a strong yet soft wiggly material that will resist thread cutting thru it when you tie it on. And man do these catch fish. They are easy to use and make effective tails that swim and wiggle. ( Impale the worm body on the hook and cinch it down with thread) In addition we now see them being used on patterns like Spirit river Inc's Compton Crippler Bass fly being utilized as legs. We sure do hear about how good these work on trout and pan fish. Try one as a San Juan Worm!


Available in Bloodworm Red - Earthworm Tan - Flourescent Orange - Hot Pink - Inchworm Green - Purple - San Juan Blue - San Juan Red - Combo Pack

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