Tenkara Line Holder - Snap On

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Zen Tenkara


Simple and easy to attach, the Snap On Tenkara Line Holder is made of a molded plastic that pops onto your tenkara fly rod and holds your line securely in place when you’re not fishing. Ultralight, so it won’t weigh your tenkara rod down or hinder the cast. Streamlined, so it doesn’t get in the way or impact the aesthetics of your tenkara rod. This little accessory is a great option to keep your tenkara lines organized on and off the water. Fits most standard tenkara rod brands. Fits Zen Zako, Suimenka, Sagi and Taka. Fit Suzume loosely. Does NOT fit Kyojin.

  • Snap-on design for easy attachment
  • Fits most standard tenkara rods
  • Fits Zen Tenkara Zako, Suimenka, Sagi and Taka (fits Suzume loosely)
  • Ultralight and streamline
  • Keeps lines organized and untangled

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