Tung Fu Ready Weight

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Stone Creek Ltd


Finally, an easy to use, non-lead putty weight. Tung Fu Ready Weight is 30% heavier than lead and is legal to use where lead is not! Formulated with tungsten using an exclusive patented non-sticky formula, Tung Fu Ready Weight will not leave a sticky residue on your hands, clothing or fishing gear as other similar products will but still stays on your line where you want it to!To use, simply pinch off an appropriate amount of putty and tightly roll it on to your fishing line. Tung Fu Ready Weight can be easily adjusted on your leader and can be removed and placed back into the tub for re-use again later.Pliable to 0% F and Solid at over 150% F, Tung Fu Ready Weight will not melt if left in the car. Tung Fu Ready Weight comes in an easy to open and close handy plastic tub that can be placed in a vest pocked to attached to a D-Ring.

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