Veevus Fly Tying Thread



  • World’s thinnest and strongest non-GSP tying thread!
  • Extremely fine and lightweight.
  • Unwaxed, made of two strands twisted together like a rope.
  • Untwists and splits easily for dubbing loops.
  • Lays flat on the hook with minimal thread build-up making it perfect for tying smaller and delicate patterns.
  • It can also be easily corded up to provide extra strength.
  • Super easy to work with.
  • Perfect choice for tying very small and delicate flies.
  • Has the right amount of stretch and is wound evenly providing the perfect tension, effortless whip finishing and smoother tying.
  • The spool was designed to fit snugly and turn smoothly.
  • 100m per spool.

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