Zen Fusion Tenkara Line LIGHT

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Zen Tenkara


This proprietary tenkara line is a unique Zen design. We took the best part of both traditional fly fishing (casting) and tenkara (simplicity), and “fused” them together in our Zen Fusion Tenkara Line Series. Available in 3 different grain weights to perfectly match your rod: LIGHT, MID-WEIGHT and BIG.

Fusion Tenkara Line: LIGHT is a delicate, level, supple, floating line. It has a welded connection loop with a tag end for quick attach and detachment and a small loop at the opposite end for your tippet and/or leader. Light as a feather but still dense enough to cast through wind, Fusion Tenkara Line LIGHT lays out soft and smoothly like liquid silk across the water. Extremely accurate and incredibly easy to cast, this line makes anglers of all levels look like master casters. Zen Fusion Tenkara Lines can be used for both fresh and saltwater applications.  They attach to the lillian cord of your tenkara rod by making a Girth Hitch. Lines are laser inscribed with size and length. We recommend using a loop-to-loop connection for your leader/tippet to avoid the possibility of you accidently snipping your line when removing tippet. Fusion LIGHT is available in 3 lengths: 15ft, 20ft and 25ft. LIGHT pairs best with Zen Zako, Suimenka, Sagi and Taka. May be considered slightly heavy on Zen Suzume by some. Will cast well with most other tenkara rod brands.

  • Propriety Zen design
  • Casts and feels like a regular fly line
  • Unique welded connection and leader/tippet loops
  • Level, supple and floating
  • No memory
  • Tag end on Connection Loop for easy removal
  • Laser inscribed with length
  • Available in 3 lengths
  • Casts well on most tenkara rod brands
  • Pairs best with Zen Zako, Suimenka, Sagi and Taka tenkara rods
  • For fresh and saltwater use (rinse with fresh after salt use)

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