Troutmap Guides

If you are a Trout Hunter who wants to know your rivers, Troutmap Riverguides are for you. With the floating and wading fisher in mind, these waterproof map sets consist of several full-color topographic river maps, covering a typical day's float or more, from one access area to another, and an area map.

Float mileage, river and area features Mileage is shown to the nearest tenth-of-a-mile for holes, rapids, campgrounds, river camps, put-ins and take-outs, and other features. Fly shops, shuttles, lodging, fuel, and groceries or places to eat are also shown on an area map.

Sized right - These maps are easily used while floating without the unfolding and refolding of conventional maps.
Loss prevention - The individual maps are secured with a molded plastic hook, that allows clipping to a zinger on waders or boat.
Accurate topographic data - from US Geological Survey, showing river features and land contours in color at 1:24,000 scale (1/2"=1000 feet, same as US Geological Survey 7.5 minute series maps).
Accurate river features - Rivers are checked by Troutmap staff to ensure accuracy and location of river features before maps are published. Where important to land-owners, private land and water is shown.
Pin-point locations - a unique 100 meter grid permits determining a location within about 20 feet, without the use of a seperate template.
Map size - 3-7/16 inches by 10-1/8 inches; laminated size: 3-11/16 inches by 11 inches.

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