Fly Fishing Links

Fly Fishing is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. Below we have provided some links for the flyfishing enthusiast.

River & Stream Flows for California


Fly Fishing requires an intimate understanding of the entomology of the waters you are fishing. Below you will find some sites that are very helpful.

Protect Your Waters

Fly Tying

Another great source of joy in fly fishing is the experience of catching a fish on a fly you tied yourself. Below you will find links to some wonderful fly tying resources.

Fly Tying Club - A free fly tying & fly fishing resource providing tons of information like fly tying & fly fishing articles, fly patterns, and over 4150 fly tying & fly fishing videos

 Global Fly Fisher - Source for fly tying videos

Troutfly - The Fly Tiers Directory
We have over 1300 fly patterns online, fly tying articles, video clips and articles on Entomology.

Fly Fishing Organization

The Fly Fishing organizations listed below are great sources of Fly Fishing information.
Calaveras Fly Fishers
Trout Unlimited

Fly Fish Norcal
Oregon Trout
California Trout
Fish Unlimited
Fish America Foundation
Henry's Fork Foundation

Atlantic Salmon Federation
Trout Headwaters Inc.
Washington Trout
The Salmon & Trout Association
Federation Of Fly Fishers 
The American Museum Of Fly Fishing
US Fish & Wildlife Service
Northen California Fly Fishing Board
WarmWater Fly Fisher
Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers

Mission Peak Fly Anglers

Delta Fly Fishers

 Mount Tamalpias Fly Fishers




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