Fly Fisher's Guide To Western River Hatches

Frank Amato Publications, Inc.


You'll be amazed at the amount of detailed information Skip Morris has packed into this handy-sized Fly Fisher's Guide To Western River Hatches. This booklet helps you identify a hatching insect, select an appropriate fly to match it, and fish that fly effectively. Skip provides useful information, such as: important insect stages; seasons; hatch times; hatch conditions; habitat; limitation size; size of natural, including minimum and maximum sizes; effective fishing strategies; 2 clear photographs of important stages; actual insect size chart; beautiful artwork; fly plates; seasonal hatch chart with major western hatches; and more. this book was written and designed to bring more trout to your flies.

5 X 4 Inches, 32 Pages, Full Color, Softbound


Category: Entomology

Type: Books and DVD