Furled and Tapered Tenkara Fly Line Kevlar

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Zen Tenkara


The Zen Furled and Tapered Tenkara Fly Line, Kevlar has zero elongation, delivers immediate hook sets, and transfers all energy to the rod without any shock absorption. This tenkara fly line works especially well for nymphing with a traditionl tenkara furled fly line.  The Kevlar Furled and Tapered line is also highly resistant to abrasion so it’s great where there are rough rocks or a chance of shredding your line. They also allow you to cast into high winds and provide solid feedback for timing and rod load. Complete with tippet ring. Kevlar, good for body armor and tenkara fly fishing too. Available in 11ft length.


  • Low-Vis Color to blend
  • Furledand Tapered Design
  • Lillian Connection Loop
  • Tippet Ring
  • Provides good rod load and feedback for better timing on casts
  • No stretch for immediate hook sets
  • Great for nymphing and getting down quick due to it’s density
  • Not Recommended for the Suzume Tenkara Fly Rod
  • Handwoven and high quality

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