High Crafts Trout & Rod Greeting Cards

High Crafts


High Crafts Trout & Rod Greeting CardsLine-drawing of a man with a cast in the air. Each box has 15 cards and matching envelopes. Inside is blank for writing a personal note. About Lokta PaperLokta paper is made from the barks of the Lokta bush, which grows naturally in the Himalayas at an altitude of 6500 to 10500 feet. The bush is mostly found amongst conifers or deciduous trees. The lokta fiber is very long and textured, making the paper extremely resistant and durable. The plant also has the advantage of being a natural insect repellent.After harvesting, the lokta bush naturally regenerates, reaching full maturity again in six to seven years. The harvesting process actually helps the forest continue to grow because if the lokta was allowed to continue to grow past maturity it would dry up and begin to decay, preventing any new growth.Paper Making Process The paper making process is completely natural. The bark is gathered at high altitudes and then carried down to villages, where local paper makers clean and boil the bark to soften the fibres. The boiled bark is cleaned in pure Himalayan water and cut into small pieces. The pieces are beaten with wooden mallets to produce a pulp. The pulp is poured over screened wooden frames and dried in the Himalayan sunshine. When the water has completely evaporated, the sheet of paper is complete. This paper is acid-free, tree-free, and environmentally sound.

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